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-Amir Nooral (Producer of feature film The Edit)

“It is said that every actor/actress is a lawyer for his/her own defense, but it gives me great pleasure to recommend Lisa Ronaghan. Lisa is a smart and talented actress with beautiful singing voice and charming sense of humour.  She has a striking ability to grasp the concept of the script through thinking, feeling and absorbing. In her role in our recent feature film, she displayed a great performance with remarkable consistency. In short, she’d be a great asset to any cast and given the right opportunities her performance would be highly and deservedly celebrated.”


-Alireza Razazifar (Director of feature film The Edit)

“I remember Lisa during rehearsal for “The Edit” said, “Film making is like gambling”. It was impressive opinion for me.  However, just after finishing the film and reviewing the footage I found out that actually film making is a gift when you work with a talented, professional actress like her.”


-Daniel Macnaughton (Creative Director of BBC Award Winning Series Above and Below)

“Working with Lisa has proved to be an absolute delight. An intelligent and ridiculously talented actress… Lisa is a consummate professional in regards to her craft. Always incredibly open to feedback, Lisa pushes herself hard to deliver incredibly subtle yet memorable performances time and time again. Just a handful of reasons (amongst countless more) why we are both proud and delighted to work alongside her as an actress.”


-Mike Dodsworth (Director of Priory People & Artistic Director of Pinpoint Create)

"Lisa brings a spectrum of skills to any project that further enhance an already vibrant core talent. She shares this gift with great thought and warmth."


-Ahmed Jaf (Director & Producer of feature film Eve)

“What can I say about Lisa? This Actress is talented, professional, committed, ambitious and full of energy. She traveled thousands of miles to come to Iraq to shoot our feature and I can’t be luckier that I had her on this project. I will always think of her first if I had another project in the future. Thank you Lisa.”


-Charlie Nevett (Director of short film Free Radicals)

“Lisa is a clearly talented actress. She immediately stood out in auditions and we just had to have her for our film. Her heart is in acting and it shows. She takes the whole process very seriously, taking a lot of time and consideration in preparing for the role. From the script to the set she was always focused and ready to give it her best. She's motivated, reliable, patient and a pleasure to work with. My crew and the rest of the cast agree that she is a fantastic person with a great deal to offer. She's has a great screen presence with a great voice and we were lucky to have her as our lead actress.


-Scott Woods (Director of short films Mona the Zombie Killer)

“Lisa was a pleasure to work with during filming. She stood out from a selection of very good applicants for the role and was willing to meet to discuss the role at the drop of a hat. Her commitment to making sure the film was as good as it could be was refreshing even on a cold and wet day shooting. Even after the shoot she made herself available to record some sound samples for the film in the recording studio days later. I would strongly recommend Lisa to anyone who wants a committed, friendly, hard working and talented actress and would myself look to use her in future roles.”


-Shiraz Khan (Director of feature film Project Evolution)

“I worked with Lisa on the feature Project Evolution. Lisa was a delight to work with and to have around on the set. She understood her character well. Best of all she has different looks which can be incorporated into many roles. Will definitely keep her on file for future roles.”


-Paul Drew (Director of short film In the End)

“What can I say about Lisa that isn't glowing – short answer; nothing. Lisa brought to life her character beyond my expectations and ken. As well as having such a perfect look and poise, Lisa raised my bar of expectation for any future talent I work with. She was friendly, dedicated, professional and a writer/directors dream to work with. Not only did she work well 'for' me but 'with' me – Taking her character and the film as a whole to a level I had never expected. Even at the end of a four day, intensive shoot, with its usual low budget hiccups – Lisa still exuded enthusiasm. I would be surprised and shocked if we do not see Lisa rising in the ranks of actors to stardom. "In The End" would not be the film it will be without Lisa – I would work with her again (if she'll have us) at the drop of a hat, and am hard pressed not to write characters for her. Thank you Lisa – You brought Asari to life.”


-Joe Franklin (US comedy legend) after watching The Laurel Bay Country Club Burglar

"Lisa is a focused, creative and giving actor.  She had ”great stage presence and will go far in this industry.”

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